Leather sofa? Yes, leather!

One thing is clear: to make your own four walls as cozy as possible, be it a student apartment or even an entire house - a living room only becomes a living room when a cozy sofa invites you to cuddle up. Long film evenings for two or alone, short breaks, sleeping, resting, guest bed or cozy corner: for all of this, nothing is better than a cozy corner in the living room, where you can sit down exhausted after a long day at work and let your mind wander.

When looking for an ideal sofa, the most important thing is of course which shape is most suitable for your own four walls: corner sofa ? Sofa bed? What size and what shape? Rather soft or hard? Fabric cover or leather?

If you choose a leather sofa, you can usually not go wrong with this decision. Leather sofas come in many different variations and represent an ideal piece of furniture for pretty much every household, no matter how different they may be. After the decision has been made that the chosen candidate will be a leather sofa, one is faced with the next question. Which cover do I like, or rather: which cover do I need? Now you should consider whether you are more the type for long sofa sessions or just need a rest from time to time for a short break, because depending on the length of use, artificial leather covers are better than real leather in some cases, and vice versa. If you are likely to spend a lot of time on the sofa, care should be taken that the material is easy to clean and does not look worn out too quickly. This applies equally to families with many children, who are known to tip over one or the other: here it literally cries out for a texture that can be quickly cleaned in the event of an accident.

However, if you are reluctant to do without genuine leather and want to combine a large family and leather sofa, Artesi has the option of using genuine leather, the material of which is particularly easy to clean. The Maringa sofa from the category is available both in leather and in fabric. This high-quality real leather is characterized by its supple texture, whereby the elasticity and durability are high - why is that so important? Who would want to discover the typical signs of wear, such as leather folds on their cozy favorite after a short period of use?

The ideal for every room!

After you have chosen a type of leather, you are spoiled for choice again: Which shape should my leather sofa have? Oval? Long? Short? Around the corner?

Artesi offers various variations, with which you are guaranteed to find something suitable for the most winding living room. The Cazanne sofa offers a living area measuring 73 x 77 x 205, which has space for the whole family, or: if you want to stretch out. Available in various colors, it offers numerous uses and gives the room a cozy flair. The Cierre Rigoletto B sofa is the ideal piece of furniture for those who prefer it to be a bit smaller and yet modern : With its wide seats and rectangular cushions, as well as the metal stilts, it puts your living room in an attractive and modern ambience.

When looking for the perfect leather sofa, nobody needs to shy away: Artesi offers you the best for every room size and furnishings!

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